Mission Statement

To educate families on their financial options so that they make the best decisions while preparing for their future.


We dedicate Meritius Innovations LLC and Life Assured to God’s infinite wisdom, grace, and salvation. We give special thanks to all our family and friends who encouraged us to develop and introduce Life Assured to the world.

Our Story

In 1998, at the age of 43, founder Robert Lee Harrison was first introduced to the importance of life insurance. As the sole provider for his family, he had only $10,000 of life insurance, was plagued with debt, and questioned how to invest his monies wisely. It was at this point that he realized how under-insured his family really was.

With the help of a close friend and mentor, Lee began to turn his financial future around one step at a time. By learning to successfully manage and allocate his own finances, he soon realized his passion in helping others overcome their financial burdens and teaching them how to be prepared during the unexpected times in life.

After becoming a licensed insurance professional, he committed himself to making every effort to meet clients face to face in their homes and at their own convenience. For over two decades, Lee has assisted families from all walks of life, and the result has been thousands of satisfied clients who trust Lee’s honesty.

In 2006, Lee began to realize an even greater need for his clients. Since most families have one primary individual that handles all the finances for the household, what would happen if that person became ill or passed away? Would the family or household know where to look for important information such as documents, contact numbers, account information, or passwords? With these concerns in mind, Lee carefully developed his “Life Assured,” a software to securely store all information pertaining to final wishes.

In partnership with his son, co-founder Ryan Harrison, Lee wanted to develop a company and a product that represented exactly what they stand for:  Meritius Innovations LLC became a reality. Meritius, a word defined by “merit,” represents the treatment of our clients with dedication and integrity. Innovation represents our commitment to search for the most innovative insurance products on the market today to best meet the needs of our clients.

Robert Lee Harrison, CEO & Founder

Our Commitment is Your Peace of Mind.