Disability Insurance

Having full coverage means both your medical expenses and your cost of living is covered in the event of disability.  Anyone can become disabled.  In fact, a quarter of today’s twenty-year-olds will become disabled before they retire.

About 12% of Americans are disabled, and over half of those are in their working years.  90% of these cases are actually due to illness rather than an accident.  These range from cancer to cardiac or musculoskeletal conditions.

Be prepared for the chance of having to pay for your housing, food, vehicles, education, and other necessities without your income in the event the breadwinner can no longer work.  Some disabled resort to living off savings, borrowing from friends, and selling assets like the house. Contact us to discuss options for having a whole insurance plan that covers both medical expenses and your cost of living.

With only health insurance:

The doctors get paid.

The nurses get paid.

The hospital gets paid.

You get paid.

Our Commitment is Your Peace of Mind.