Life Benefits

Myths about Life Insurance

Most people believe Life Insurance is too expensive, they don’t know how much coverage is needed and unable to find a trusted advisor. We can help simplify your questions sometimes spending $1 per day for coverage.

Life Return of Premium

Policies today include an optional rider returning 100% of all premiums paid in when you survive the term.

Life insurance you don’t have to die to use

“Life isn’t scripted,” as the healthy Dudley family discovered. See the three-minute video below to see how they used living benefits to keep from losing their home.

A critical, chronic, or terminal illness can entitle payout of benefits while the insured is still living. Living benefits come at no cost as part of a life insurance plan.


Life with tax free income

Many Life products today include deferred tax-free income. Example: Parents or grandparents investing $75 a month for a 2-year-old child. At age 65 benefits include $1,395 million in Life coverage, $1,143 million in cash and $115,000 tax free income for a lifetime!

Our Commitment is Your Peace of Mind.