My Life Assured

Final Wishes

After years of interviewing clients in all seasons of life, including single, married, divorced, and widowed, there is one common question that I address with all:  Are you and your loved ones prepared for the unexpected in life?

In most families, typically one individual handles the finances and legal documents.  But what if that individual were unable to communicate final wishes, become disabled, or pass away?  How would family members know where to begin with the stress of sorting documents, tracking down account numbers and passwords, and locating final wishes?

My Life Assured is a user-friendly software program designed so you can easily organize and document life’s most important information including insurance policies, funeral instructions, account numbers, last will and testaments, and more!  By taking the time to organize this information with My Life Assured, you can ease the future burden on your loved ones.

Provides important data when a family member passes or a living loved one is unable to make life decisions.

Our Commitment is Your Peace of Mind.